Welcome to ncIDP

The name ncIDP stands for: Neighbor Corrected IDP Library and is an integral part of a manuscript entitled: "Sequence-specific random coil chemical shifts of intrinsically disordered proteins" by K.Tamiola, B. Acar and Frans A.A. Mulder J Am Chem Soc (2010).

How to use it?

ncIDP Predictor calculations are being handled in Session style with 3 reversible steps. Each calculation is initialized by starting a new session with [Start New Session] button. Information about sessions is stored for 24h in web browser in a form of a cookie. Therefore, it is vital that your web browser retrieves and stores cookies. Some security extensions like: AdBlock under Firefox may automatically block cookies.

Help pop-ups

We have implemented a pop-up based help system. Whenever you need help just place your mouse cursor over the help icon . Most of the important functions and flags come with their dedicated help.